Bonneville 2018 Mini-film #1 "Time Machine"

Last year I went to Speedweek at The Bonneville Salt Flats and fell in love with the passion of the people that participate in this utterly crazy event. Everybody out there was so awesome I wanted to go back and document a few of their stories with Mini-Documentary films. There are so many great untold stories out at Bonneville. Iā€™m stoked to use my skill-set to bring a few of them to you. I also have to thank my friend and master of all things MOVI Chris Monberg for his great work. Getting good sound in one of the most auditorily hostile places imaginable was not easy but somehow Chris pulled it off.

Speed Week at Bonneville Salt Flats

Attending Speed Week was an amazing experience. When I do personal shoots I tend to look for people following a passion (hopefully in a picturesque place). Speed Week definitely checked all the boxes. I've never seen a more down to earth, passionate community that comes together for an event the way they do on the Salt. Sharing parts, tools and experience in an attempt to break land speed records for every size, shape, or category of car and motorcycle imaginable. Some rocket cars reach almost 500 mph while some other small motorcycles are hoping to break a record at 50mph. Watching them go fast is cool but nothing compared to watching the passion of the people living and sharing their experiences of life on the salt. I must have talked to hundreds of people in my 3 days there and never did I sense the tiniest bit of negative attitude, only the joy that comes with following your passion. GO! see it for yourself. you won't regret it.



For about 10 years now I have had a motion spot for Patagonia in my head. It has haunted me, never fading. I have ideas for motion projects almost daily but nothing has stuck like this one. Finally with the invention of the Movi camera stabilizer and my meeting the incredibly talented and motivated DP Chris Monberg I have been able to release this vision of running solitude. I am now in the final stages of editing the spot so come back to the blog soon to see the final product. In the mean time I shot a few stills between shots...

Marina Outrigger Club

Last weekend I was given the opportunity to do some Pro Bono work for this amazing group of Watermen and women. I love beach culture and these guys represent it at it's best. I present to you the Marina Outrigger Club at the Kahanamoku Klassic...

Ken Fish still charging it at 74

In my line of work I meet a lot of people. Everyone is great in their own way but every once in a while you meet someone who is just exceptional. Ken is exceptional. I have done 3 shoots with him and every time he manages to surprise me with his positive/natural energy. Our whole family loves this guy. My kids call him "fake grandpa" and ask about him all the time. After seeing these pictures the twins are constantly saying they want to go surf where "fake grandpa" surfs. On this shoot we had been working all day (10 hours) and 5 minutes before the sunset I ask Ken if he was Ok with getting in the water. Keep in mind Ken is 74, it's windy and air and water are both freeeeezing. He never hesitated, just threw on his wetsuit and charged it. In retrospect, I can't even believe I asked... 



A person who's opinion I respect very much told me these pictures don't look like I could have taken them. Maybe Darian is teaching me something?...