Speed Week at Bonneville Salt Flats

Attending Speed Week was an amazing experience. When I do personal shoots I tend to look for people following a passion (hopefully in a picturesque place). Speed Week definitely checked all the boxes. I've never seen a more down to earth, passionate community that comes together for an event the way they do on the Salt. Sharing parts, tools and experience in an attempt to break land speed records for every size, shape, or category of car and motorcycle imaginable. Some rocket cars reach almost 500 mph while some other small motorcycles are hoping to break a record at 50mph. Watching them go fast is cool but nothing compared to watching the passion of the people living and sharing their experiences of life on the salt. I must have talked to hundreds of people in my 3 days there and never did I sense the tiniest bit of negative attitude, only the joy that comes with following your passion. GO! see it for yourself. you won't regret it.